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Kinetic Live Wallpaper 1.45 Released - 12/16/14

Version 1.45 changes:

+ Added physics setting: Tether delay. (The delay after the user is no longer touching the screen before blocks begin to tether.)
+ Added an icon for slider increment buttons.

Kinetic Live Wallpaper

Kinetic Live Wallpaper 1.441 Released - 12/03/14

Version 1.441 changes:

+ Disabled Battery Save mode to avoid issues with some phone accelerometer restarting problems.
+ Disabled a hack that avoids multiple rendering situations on older systems to attempt to solve freezing issues.

Kinetic Live Wallpaper

Kinetic Live Wallpaper 1.44 Released - 06/11/14

Version 1.44 changes:

+ Huge performance improvement.
+ Maximum collidable blocks has been increased to 250, and maximum non-collidable blocks increased to 1000.
+ Added a Physics option to make the world fullscreen.
+ Added new preset: "Pink Bubbles".
+ Increased number of blocks on presets: "Metal" and "Space Rocks"
+ The keyboard is no longer automatically shown when an input opens.

Bug Fixes:
+ Fixed a bug causing the worldspace to be offset when switching between the wallpaper preview and the homescreen.
+ Fixed a bug causing empty space below the preset selection list in some OSs.

Kinetic Live Wallpaper

Kinetic Live Wallpaper 1.431 Released - 04/11/14

Version 1.431 changes:

+ Added new preset: "Strawberry Cream".

Kinetic Live Wallpaper

User Submitted Video of Modified Breaking The Ice Preset - 03/25/14

One of my users shows how they have modified tether force and explosions to make this preset look like it heals itself after you tear it apart.

Kinetic Live Wallpaper 1.43 Released - 03/23/14

Version 1.43 changes:

+ Added a welcome message for fist time installers.
+ New physics setting: Atmospheric Drag - A constant force applied against moving blocks whether they are sliding or floating.
+ New physics setting: Tether Force - Anchor and pull blocks back to their original positions at this rate.
+ New physics setting: Jitter Time - Each block will change its jitter direction at random intervals within this range.
+ Added on touch interactions which use either Short or Constant modes. Short Mode is a single touch, while Constant Mode applies the effect as long as the screen is being touched.
+ Added interactive explosion (or implosion) with radius and force settings. These use either short or constant modes, and have a "Persistent Effect" option that continues the effect at the last touch location after the screen is no longer being touched.
+ Added interaction options for the majority of the physics settings allowing for temporary modification of the values. These use either short or constant modes.
+ Added interaction options for the Background Color options allowing for temporary modification of the values. This uses only the constant mode.
+ Updated all of the presets to use touch interactions.
+ Added 3 new presets: "Frog Eggs", "Mechanical Organism", and "Space Rocks".
+ Renamed "Black and White" to "Metal".
+ Removed presets: "Pumpkin", and "Floaters and Sinkers".
+ If a preset exists with a name matching one of the new presets durning an update it will be renamed with the prefix "Old_".
+ Added a battery saving mode, which was essentially always enabled, but disabling it prevents the sensors from toggling off when the wallpaper is inactive. When disabled, performance may be improved when the wallpaper is loaded into view.
+ When setting "Block Amount" the maximum number of blocks that can fit on your screen based on maximum block size is displayed.
+ Added a wider variety of icons to the menu.
+ Reorganized physics options into "World" and "Blocks" categories.

Bug Fixes:
+ Friction has been improved so that moving blocks now apply friction from below to objects sitting on top of them.
+ Fixed the Atmospheric Density to Block Density equation.
+ Fixed issues with lists not displaying their actual value after switching presests.
+ Menu scrolling is now smoother.
+ Fixed a screen rotation issue.

Kinetic Live Wallpaper

Kinetic Live Wallpaper 1.421 Released - 02/27/14

Version 1.421 changes:

Bug Fixes:
+ Fixed more texturing issues when switching between surfaces.
+ Disabled zero gravity when trying to correct out of bounds objects. ('Twas a bad idea.)
+ Fixed an issue with the wallpaper not updating fullscreen mode.
+ Fixed an issue with wallpaper not updating the system bar color.
+ Fixed an issue that was causing a null buffer pointer.

Kinetic Live Wallpaper

Kinetic Live Wallpaper 1.42 Released - 02/26/14

Version 1.42 changes:

+ Block images now have a scale option to either use the original aspect ratio or stretch to fit the entire image.
+ Added a System menu with a Max FPS setting. Input any value or set to 0 to disable.

Bug Fixes:
+ Fixed texturing issues when switching between surfaces.
+ Fixed issues with textures not drawing at all on some systems.
+ Fixed an issue with some devices trying to render multiple surfaces at once when switching between the preview and the homescreen.
+ Category titles are now more readable on systems without the Holo themes.

Kinetic Live Wallpaper

First Video For Kinetic Live Wallpaper - 02/16/14

I finally got a video up for the Kinetic Live Wallpaper.

Kinetic Live Wallpaper 1.411 Released - 02/14/14

Version 1.411 of the Kinetic Live Wallpaper is up. An issue has been solved relating to users attempting to use online images in the wallpaper.

Kinetic Live Wallpaper

Kinetic Live Wallpaper 1.41 Released - 02/12/14

Version 1.41 of the Kinetic Live Wallpaper has been uploaded to Google Play. If you are running Android 2.3 a major crash bug has been solved. There is also a slight performance improvement across all Android versions.

Kinetic Live Wallpaper

New Website Design - 02/09/14

I am finally attempting to learn PHP, so I am sprucing up the website a little bit before I release the Kinetic Physics Library. Not much else to say here. Welcome to the new site.